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 "Restoring respect for human life in our society is an essential task of the Church that extends through all its institutions, agencies, and organizations and embraces diverse tasks and goals...Actively promoting a renewed respect for human life is the responsibility of every Catholic."
MISSION: Respect Life Ministries seeks to foster, promote & assist families, parishes and other institutions in service to life, marriages, & families with the ongoing task of protecting and enhancing human life from conception through natural death. RLMs' mission is to cultivate a Civilization of Love & LIFE! Restoring hope and grace.

Following the Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities of the NCCB & the United States Bishops': we engage in education, pastoral care, and advocacy through a campaign in support and defense of Life, Marriage & Family. Promoting a consistent ethic of life, we strive to provide a compassionate, but honest, responses to those struggling with issues of life, marriage & family.
2014-15 Respect Life Theme
“Each of Us is a Masterpiece of God's Creation”
The Church’s antidote to an individualism which threatens the respect for human dignity is community and solidarity. Are we moved by the suffering of those without shelter? Do we seek to alleviate the fear, confusion and panic that women facing unexpected pregnancies may be experiencing? Do our hearts ache for elderly patients in nursing homes who feel abandoned and unwanted, having no one to visit them?
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The U.S. bishops have called on the faithful to renew a culture of life, marriage, and religious liberty in our country through prayer, penance and sacrifice. To sign up, TEXT "fast" to 99000 or visit ~ Anne McGuire, For Full Article Go Here .